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Rural ≠ White: Watch Our 2018 Netroots Nation Panel Here

We just got back from Netroots Nation and it was a blast! 

Dozens of progressive organizers from across the country attended our panel and the feedback was excellent.

You can watch our full Netroots Nation panel titled “Rural ≠ White” here: was selected to host a panel this year at Netroots Nation, the largest annual conference for progressive activists, organizers, candidates, and elected officials. 

This was a really big deal for us! Over 300 panels were submitted this year and only 90 were selected.

Our panel featured amazing rural leaders from diverse backgrounds and educated some of the top progressive leaders across the country about the needs facing rural communities of color.

Since the election of Donald Trump, many pundits and professional Democrats have “white washed” rural America. But the fact is, immigrants are revitalizing small towns and rural communities across the country while African African voters across the rural south and Native American voters in the Great Plains have long been critical members of the Democratic coalition. This panel featured rural leaders of color across the country working to pass progressive reforms at the state, local and federal level.

Here at, we’re fighting for a rural America that is empowered, thriving, and equitable. Months ago, we surveyed our members and they said leadership development among marginalized communities should be a top priority for us.

Our panel at Netroots Nations is a critical piece of our work focusing on leadership development, especially among young people, women, and people of color from rural communities.

Our selection at Netroots Nation is just one more development in an already amazing year. This Spring, we officially launched our 501c4 and our candidate endorsement committee. On top of that, over 12,000 rural advocates have taken action with us over the last few month, our email list has grown to nearly 50,000 rural progressive activist across the country, and 660 folks have joined our rural organizers network.

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