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Share Your Story: How Has The Opioid Crisis Impacted Your Community?

We're compiling stories from communities impacted by opioids that we'll post on our blog and send to lawmakers in Washington, DC. Please use this form to tell us how opioids have impacted your community.

We want to hear from you!

The opioid crisis is wreaking havoc on big cities and small towns all across the country. That's why has launched a campaign demanding that Donald Trump declare the opioid crisis a "national health emergency."

If we can convince the Trump administration to officially declare the opioid crisis a "national health emergency" then the Federal Government will be able to mobilize additional resources to combat this epidemic. For example, a declaration of emergency could remove the restrictions on which doctors can prescribe two common medications for treating opioid addiction. Or, with a declaration of emergency, the Food and Drug Administration could allow for the widespread use of an overdose antidote without a prescription.

Your story will help demonstrate the need for more resources to fight the opioid crisis in America! Please share your story today.


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