Rural Organizing

For Immediate Release 
July 18, 2019

Contact | Matt Hildreth


To win in small towns & rural communities, progressives must demonstrate to non-metro voters how our agenda will increase rural incomes, decrease daily expenses, and support rural ways of life

Columbus, OH—As civic leaders prepare for the next election cycle, has release a new memo (available here) outlining how progressives can win in small towns and rural communities.

The memo, based on polling conducted during the 2018 election cycle, argues that progressives must demonstrate to non-metro voters how our agenda will:

  1. Increase rural incomes
  2. Decrease daily expenses
  3. Support rural ways of life

The following is a statement from Matthew Hildreth, Board Chair of RuralOrganizing.

The progressive policy platform is often more popular in small towns and rural communities than the progressive brand. Our research shows that roughly two-thirds of rural voters consider themselves to be “conservative” or “moderate,” but when it comes to key progressive policies, these same voters tend to lean to the left. The majority of rural folks know Congress is giving tax breaks to the wealthy instead of investing in rural areas.

The small-town way of life are worth fighting for because we look out for each other. It doesn't matter if you White, Black, or Brown—tenth generation or newcomer. Progressives should lean into these community-based values and provide rural-specific solutions to rural-specific problems. That's how they'll win in 2020.

The full memo is publicly available here.