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The American Rescue Plan Took Center Stage Last Night At The State Of The Union. Here’s How It’s Impacting Your Community

Last night, at the State of the Union, President Biden reminded the nation that  one of the first things he did as President “was fight to pass the American Rescue Plan.” And he explained, again, why, “ Because people were hurting. We needed to act, and we did.’ 

He also made a critically important point about that legislation, “Few pieces of legislation have done more in a critical moment in our history to lift us out of crisis.” That’s proven true in counties, cities, and towns across the country, including our rural communities that have long been overlooked by federal spending. 

In fact, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which the President signed  on March 11, 2021,  is one of the largest infusions of funding directly allocated to individuals, families, and communities  in U.S. history.  Despite the crisis the country was facing, ARPA  was opposed by every single Republican in Congress.  

Local programs that have been established or enhanced through the American Rescue plan are easily searchable using the website. 

To see how government funds are being spent to improve your community, click here.

Thanks to ARPA, local and state governments have access to billions of dollars not available before the pandemic. In fact, ARPA delivers $350 billion for eligible state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments and the funds lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery.

Over the last year, through this covid relief legislation, we have had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address the challenges facing small towns and rural communities through bold federal programs that invest directly in Rural America.

In total, ARPA delivers:

  • Direct Financial Assistance | $656.18 Billion

  • Assistance To Individuals & Families | $56.27 Billion

  • Education & Childcare | $211.57 Billion

  • State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds | $362 Billion

  • Health  Funding | $86.24 Billion

  • Transportation Funding | $40.16 Billion

  • Other Programs | $61.32 Billion

If you have questions about localizing ARPA stories in your community, please contact .

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was one of the most significant rural prosperity bills we’ve seen in years. 

Specifically, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 benefited small towns and rural communities by: 

Small towns and rural communities were hit hard by the pandemic but many of these communities have struggled economically for years.  Through ARPA, every single county in the country received relief funds. Now a year after the passage of this bill, every county can see concrete improvements directly funded by this legislation.

“The mission of  is to rebuild a rural America that is empowered, thriving, and equitable. Follow us on Twitter @RuralOrganizing.”



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