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Congress Must Pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

We believe that we must honor ALL farmers and farm workers who feed America by creating a way for undocumented agricultural workers to apply for citizenship.

At least half of the nation’s roughly 2.4 million farmworkers are undocumented immigrants. Under our current immigration policies, these workers have no way to apply for legal status or citizenship. These aren't just hardworking people—they are valuable members of our small towns and rural communities across the country.

If passed, this bill would significantly improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmworkers and their family members. With legal status and a path to citizenship, farmworkers would be better able to improve their wages and working conditions and challenge serious labor abuses.

The bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019 is the result of complex negotiations between members of Congress, farmworker advocates—including the United Farm Workers—and Farmworker Justice, and agricultural employer organizations.

The bill recognizes the important contributions of farmworkers to our nation's food and agriculture systems by enabling hundreds of thousands of farmworkers and their immediate family members to obtain a lawful immigration status and a pathway to citizenship.

Please join with in supporting this bill.

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