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FRAUD ALERT: Republicans Taking Credit for Biden Success Stories They Voted Against

Today, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a statement taking credit for an allocation to Iowa’s Water Infrastructure Fund, noting the money “will come through federal ARPA dollars.” ARPA is the American Rescue Plan, which passed in March of 2021 without a single Republican vote. In response, Matt Hildreth issued the following statement:

We’re calling fraud on Governor Kim Reynolds. She is claiming credit for something Joe Biden did. Every Republican in the U.S. House and Senate voted against the American Rescue Plan, including all five Republicans representing Iowa.

But, Reynolds gives away the game. She, like other Republicans around the country, know these funds are critically important for their states, especially their rural areas. Yet, if Republicans had their way, none of this would be happening.

Republicans talk a good game when it comes to rural issues, but they never deliver for their rural constituents. Instead, they prop up the corporations and billionaires who are undermining the rural way of life.

Democrats need to be clear to voters that they are delivering. They can’t be shy about it cause Republicans who had nothing to do with it are swooping in to take credit.

Whenever we see this, RuralOrganizing.Org will call Republicans on it. Voters should know President Biden, Cindy Axne, and the Democrats are the ones investing in their communities.

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