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In Case You Missed It: Joe Biden should pledge to create a National Office of Rural Prosperity

Columbus, OH—Today, Matt Hildreth published an op ed in the Storm Lake Times, one of the Iowa and the nation’s most cherished rural publications, calling for Joe Biden to establish an office of Rural Prosperity. The proposal is based on extensive research conducted by  with rural voters - and provides an opportunity for Biden to engage with voters too often overlooked or misunderstood by pundits and campaigns. 

An excerpt:

Our polling also revealed that rural people are open to bold actions and big ideas. They know a corporate agenda in Washington, DC is holding back their communities and want leaders who will have their backs by supporting small businesses and critical services in their communities like grocery stores, pharmacies, and schools.

Here’s how Joe Biden and Senate Democrats can win rural voters: propose and promote a national Office of Rural Prosperity to address the unique structural challenges of rural housing, education, healthcare, small business development, and job creation. We know addressing these issues will resonate, because this is what rural voters told us mattered most to them in our extensive research.  

Farmers comprise less than 10% of the rural workforce. Most rural Americans are employed in the education, healthcare and social assistance sectors. These essential institutions are the foundation of strong rural communities, and funding to support them directly benefits all rural people.

The full oped can be viewed here. Background on the extensive public opinion research can be found here.

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