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Our Statement on the Signing of Postal Service Reform Act

Today, President Biden signed into law the Postal Service Reform Act. The following is a statement from Matt Hildreth, Executive Director of, who attended the White House signing ceremony: strongly supported the Postal Service Reform Act,  legislation that was long overdue. 

The United States Postal Service is one of the government’s oldest and most reliable entities. All Americans rely on the Postal Service, but in rural America, the Postal Service has been a lifeline. Private delivery services don’t want to risk their profit margins by providing service to everyone so they exclude many small towns and rural areas, but the USPS has never abandoned us. 

We want to congratulate and thank the Save the Postal Service Coalition for their tireless work. Two years ago, and MoveOn launched a petition that has quickly  garnered over 433,000 signatures calling for action to save the Postal Service. It was, by far, the biggest response we ever got to one of our actions. The outpouring of support for the petition to save the Postal Service sends a clear message: Rural people love the Post Office!

Signing the Postal Services Reform Act into law is an important step towards securing the financial security of this vital institution.

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