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Popular Provisions Included in House HEROES Act Left Out of Senate Bill That Included Funding For New FBI Building

Columbus, OH — Senate Republicans finally released details of their fourth stimulus package  to address the ongoing coronavirus and its devastating economic fallout. The bill falls far short of what is needed to address the dire situation facing families across the country, particularly in rural America. released the findings from a poll of 7,004 rural and exurban voters, which shows very strong support for several provisions included in the House Democrats' HEROES Act, which passed May 15, 2020, that are not included in the Senate GOP bill.  

The House bill  included benefit increases for SNAP and the Postal Service, which are both vital lifelines for rural communities - neither of which appear in the Senate bill. The poll was fielded from June 30 to July 13, 2020 in seven Senate battleground states (Alaska, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Montana and North Carolina) and the critical presidential swing state of Wisconsin.

Toplines for the national aggregate numbers are here  and individual state results will be released next week.

Our poll found that 68% of rural and exurban voters  in the battleground states have a favorable opinion of the United States Postal Service, 37% is very favorable.  On the other side, only 11% have an unfavorable view.  21% are neutral.

On SNAP,  49% of rural and exurban voters hold favorable views of the program, which is widely used in those parts of the country. 21% hold negative views while 30% are neutral.

Our poll also found that rural and exurban voters overwhelmingly - 82% including 68% strongly - are more likely to support candidates who state that tax incentives should favor local businesses over major corporations.  91% of rural and exurban voters agree that we must end the corruption in Washington.  

Matt Hildreth, Executive Director of RuralOrganizing.Org stated:

"Senate Republicans are once again proposing corporate bailouts and corrupt insider deals for the rich while working people are struggling. We need the Senate to step up and deliver a COVID-19 relief package that expands SNAP benefits,  protects the U. S. Postal Service, and funds local government. "

"Our polling shows that rural voters don't trust the President or Republican corporate bailouts to handle this crisis. With many incumbent Republican Senators experiencing declining support from rural voters, there is a clear opportunity for candidates to gain ground by supporting a bold, progressive agenda." 

“The pain is real and increasing in rural America so how did Trump and Senate Republicans respond:  A new FBI Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. While that helps Donald Trump’s hotel business, it shows utter contempt for the millions of Americans, including so many in rural America, who are  experiencing the economic fallout from the failed response to the pandemic.  Rural voters get that the system is rigged, which is why they overwhelmingly want to end the corruption in Washington DC.  Instead, even in this unprecedented crisis, we’re seeing more of the same from Trump, McConnell and the GOP Senate.“

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