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The Proposed 2021 Budget is Full of Bad Ideas and Broken Promises for Rural America

Columbus, OH— President Donald Trump released a $4.8 trillion federal budget today for the 2021 Fiscal Year proposing steep cuts to programs that are critical to small towns and rural communities across the country.

The failing of the Trump administration’s budget is rooted in their preference for big corporations over locally owned small farms. Recently, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told Wisconsin dairy farmers that, “In America the big get bigger and the small go out.” The administration’s  preference for big agricultural over small farms is reflected through the budget priorities. 

The Trump administration’s idea  that the big should “get bigger and the small go out” also applies to small businesses. The administration proposed budget considers the USDA Rural Business Service Programs, that provides funding opportunities for rural small businesses through loans, loan guarantees, and grants, to  be an unnecessary and wasteful program. 

Our polling shows that rural people support federal government programs aimed at improving people’s lives, but Trump is proposing  an  8 percent cut in funding to USDA, the Education Department, and the Energy Department. These agencies provide critical programs that support the rural way of life. 

The following is a statement from Matthew  Hildreth, Executive Director of

President Trump’s budget proposal is full of bad ideas and broken promises for rural America. He favors big corporations at the expense of the small farms and the small businesses that are the bedrock of rural economies. Rural America needs more small farms and small businesses—not less. They are the foundation of rural economies.

And when it comes to funding for infrastructure,  we’re tired of broken promises. This administration’s commitment to investing in infrastructure has become a bad running joke.

Find our full overview of how the Trump administration’s proposed budget will impact small towns and rural communities here.

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