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Rep. Charles Booker’s Hood to the Holler and To Host Virtual Concert to Promote Voter Registration

September 23, 2020 (Louisville, KY) -- Hood To The Holler and present Which Side Are You On: Voices for Kentucky and Beyond, an online music festival geared toward providing voting information for Kentuckians and beyond. Organized by Kentuckians Jim James and S.G. Goodman, Which Side Are You On will feature performances from those two artists, as well as  Jason Isbell, Bright Eyes, Phoebe Bridgers, Nappy Roots, Chris Thile, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Durand Jones, Leyla McCalla, James Lindsey and many more. Kentucky House Representative Charles Booker will host. To register, visit 

Which Side Are You On: Voices for Kentucky and Beyond aims to encourage voter participation by informing Kentuckians and all Americans about voter registration, voter eligibility, and key voting deadlines. Between performances, Rep. Booker will discuss these topics and his organization, Hood To The Holler. 

Representative Booker says of this event, “I launched Hood to the Holler in dedication to everyone who feels ignored, abandoned, and fired up to push for real change. We are telling the true story about our common bonds, and breaking down the barriers to democracy. Part of that work includes our goal of shining a light on voter disenfranchisement, and leading an effort to register and engage 50,000 Kentuckians. Music is a powerful way to help tell that story, and we are excited to present this virtual music fest. We are bringing local, statewide, and national artists together to encourage everyone to vote, and to make it clear that we are standing together on the side of the people!”

Jim James says of the event: "I am so excited to be joining forces with Hood to the Holler and these amazing artists to help get out the vote! No matter who you are or where you come from your voice and vote matter now more than ever before. So get involved, get inspired, and VOTE!" 

Singer/songwriter and co-organizer of this event S.G. Goodman says, “It is important to me as a Kentuckian to work towards change for the commonwealth.  Kentucky politics are of national importance. As a person who falls into the demographic of unlikely voters, I know it’s my job to encourage civic engagement through my platform and encourage other folks to do the same. I’m honored that Hood to the Holler has allowed me to align my vision with theirs, where Kentucky music is once again honoring its long history of being a medium of change. ”

About Hood To The Holler:

Hood To The Holler is an organization founded by Charles Booker, focused leveraging the incredible momentum for positive change in Kentucky and nationally, toward the aim of building broad coalitions, breaking down barriers of race and class, and fueling a people centered movement to build political power and transform our future. 

About is a national organization working locally and nationally to build a rural America that is empowered, thriving, and equitable.

About S.G. Goodman:

S.G Goodman released her Jim James produced debut record Old Time Feeling to widespread critical acclaim from Rolling Stone who called her “An untamed rock & roll truth teller,”  to The New Yorker who said she is “refreshingly out of step with these divisive times.”

Raised in Western Kentucky on the Mississippi River Delta, in a strict church going family, Goodman went from singing in church three times a week to a prominent, politically active member of the Murray, KY indie scene who caught the attention of James as an impassioned and idiosyncratic voice, sharing her personal tales of heartache, protest, estrangement and reconciliation. 

Old Time Feeling seeks to debunk rural stereotypes with razor-sharp social commentary, covering topics including the effects of big corporate interest on the rural farming community and its connection to Kentucky politics, as well as sexuality in the south and the notion you can love your community even though you might disagree with them.




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