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Rural Organizing Statement on Iowa Supreme Court Ruling Overturning 2018 Decision that Abortion is a Fundamental Right

The following is a statement from Matt Hildreth, Executive Director of

Today’s ruling by the conservatives on the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn the 2018 decision that abortion is a fundamental right is an extreme move that endangers the health of women across the state. As Chief Justice Christensen wrote in her dissent, this was a political decision engineered by Governor Kim Reynolds, who responded to the ruling by calling it a “significant victory.”

It’s only a victory for those who don’t believe women should have control over their bodies. Reynolds and her GOP allies are creating a health care system where extremists like Bob Vander Plaats stand between women and their health care providers.

For those who may think restricting abortion rights will be popular in rural areas, we have news: It’s not. In 2020, conducted a poll of rural voters in battleground states like Iowa, asking:  “How Strongly do you agree with the following statement: Should Abortion be illegal?  51% of rural voters disagreed with that statement - 35% strongly. 

Access to rural health care is already a serious concern in Iowa. Instead of focusing on that, Reynolds and the Iowa GOP have made it worse with today’s ruling by paving the way for an abortion ban when and if the United States  Supreme Court overturns Roe.

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