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Statement: Vote No on Kansas Abortion Ban Referendum

The following is a statement from Aftyn Behn, Campaign Director at RuralOrganizing.Org:

This last week, we sent an email to our supporters in Kansas urging them to vote NO on the abortion ban. I wrote about the impact the ban would have on rural Kansans, “As rural hospitals and maternity wards shut their doors, abortion providers are forced out, and our communities living in rural stretches face more restrictions and obstacles in seeking reproductive, and abortion care, states like Kansas will continue to see their maternal and infant mortality rates climb.”

We have watched with optimism and admiration the incredible on-the-ground organizing in Kansas. I know from my previous work that the health of women - and their lives - are literally on the ballot in Kansas. We strongly urge a NO vote.

The following is a statement from Matt Hildreth, Executive Director of

Abortion rights are on the ballot in Kansas. We strongly encourage Kansans to  Vote No on the Ban.  For those who may think restricting abortion rights will be popular in rural areas, we have news: That’s not the case. There is significant opposition to abortion bans across rural America. We know because we asked. In 2020, conducted a poll of rural voters in battleground states including Kansas, asking:  “How Strongly do you agree with the following statement: Should Abortion be illegal?

To be clear, that is the question being asked of Kansans. In our 2020 poll, 46% of rural voters disagreed with that statement that abortion should be illegal - 32% strongly.  We strongly encourage all the voters of Kansas to vote NO, especially those rural voters who feel that way. 

“The mission of Education Fund is to educate and empower everyday Americans with the nonpartisan movement building tools they need to create resilient, welcoming, and equitable communities. Follow us on Twitter @RuralOrganizing."


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