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The Trump Administration Treats Meatpacking Workers Like They Are Expendable, Not Essential

The last thing American farmers need right now is for more food processing plants to shut down. But that trend won't end until Trump truly recognizes the dignity of agricultural work and gives immigrant food and farm workers the respect they deserve and the protection they need. American farmers are already on the brink. Dairy farmers are flushing their milk, corn producers are seeing closure of ethanol plants, livestock farmers are getting hit with the trade wars and coronavirus disruptions of export markets. [...]

Community Crisis Response Planning and Crisis Communications is working to provide toolkits and resources for agricultural community leaders responding to crisis situations, like COVID outbreaks. This is a brief overview of crisis response planning and crisis communications response strategies for organizational and community leaders. [...]

March 2020 Change Research Poll Brief

Between March 26–29, 2020, commissioned a nationwide poll to gauge public opinion on issues of critical importance to all voters. In keeping with our mission and in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of rural voters, the research included an oversample of voters living in counties designated as rural, according to the USDA rural urban continuum codes. In our analysis, we refer to these voters as “non-metro.” [...]

New Poll Of Rural Americans: President Trump Did Not Adequately Prepare For Coronavirus Pandemic

New nationwide polling  suggests that rural Americans don’t think President Donald Trump adequately prepared for the coronavirus outbreak. The poll, commissioned by, was conducted by Change Research on March 26-29th. While approval of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak largely falls on partisan lines, the poll of registered voters also documents widespread concerns regarding Trump’s pandemic response that transcends partisan politics and geography. [...]