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New Polling Shows Trump’s Job Approval On The Coronavirus Response Has Dropped Since March

New national polling conducted from April 25–29, 2020  by Change Research  and commissioned by shows President Donald Trump’s job approval rating on the coronavirus outbreak has dropped from 48% approval in March to 41% approval in April, with strong approval dropping from 36% to 29% and strong disapproval increasing from 45% to 55%. The new research, which builds on polling conducted during the last week of March, 2020, also demonstrated that a larger proportion of voters has very serious concerns about re-opening the economy too soon (51% very serious concerns) than the proportion with very serious concerns about taking social distancing measures too far and hurting the economy (31% very serious concerns). [...]

The Trump Administration Treats Meatpacking Workers Like They Are Expendable, Not Essential

The last thing American farmers need right now is for more food processing plants to shut down. But that trend won't end until Trump truly recognizes the dignity of agricultural work and gives immigrant food and farm workers the respect they deserve and the protection they need. American farmers are already on the brink. Dairy farmers are flushing their milk, corn producers are seeing closure of ethanol plants, livestock farmers are getting hit with the trade wars and coronavirus disruptions of export markets. [...]