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Rural Organizing

Who We Are

In small towns and rural communities across the country, authentic relationships are the foundation for community change. Tip O'Neill famously said, “All politics is local,” but we’ve found that rural politics are also personal. We believe that communities, causes, and candidates must leverage these relationships in order to organize and mobilize rural communities toward enduring and sustainable change. With smart communications and strategic distributive organizing, we will empower rural progressives and develop, pass, and implement policy platforms needed to rebuild small towns across America.

Meet The Team

Kate Albright-Hanna

Board Member

Annie Contractor

Policy Analyst

Matt Hildreth

Executive Director

Anthony J. Wenndt

Board Member

Aftyn Behn

Campaign Director

Brent Edwards

Ohio Organizer

Michelle Nawar


Sylvia C. Brown

Director of Strategic Operations

Ruby ElBasha

Board Member

Michelle Novak

Ohio Strategist

Heather Chapman

Digital Communications

Nick Levendofsky

Board Member

Joe Sudbay

Strategic Communications