A Community Approach to Stopping Deportations: The CDA (Community Deportation Advocate) Model

Fighting deportation doesn't just happen on the streets by blocking deportation buses and ICE raids, it’s oftn a legal fight that lasts months, if not years.While it’s true that ICE can strike at a moment’s notice, most deportations involve individuals who have simply run out of legal resources. In order to win deportation cases, families need support from the very beginning.

Flyover Folk Episode Five: Small Town Big Dreams

Immigration and agricultural have been closely connected since the founding of America.

Flyover Folk Episode Four: Why do Rural Voters Vote for Republicans?

After the 2016 election, the American media scrambled to explain Donald Trump’s expected win.

Flyover Folk Episode Three: How Digital Communities Can Lead to Social Change

The recent women’s marches across the country were the largest single day of protest in US histor

Flyover Folk Episode Two: The Neighboring Movement Changes Communities One Block at a Time

n this episode we speak with a group of United Methodist Clergy in Wichita, Kansas behind the band, Brutal Bear and non-profit SoCe Life. Adam and Ashley Barlow-Thompson originally connected with Matt Johnson through their love of folk music but later turned the community generated through their group into non-profit serving their neighborhood.