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Send a Letter to Congress | Don't Mess With SNAP!

I grew up in a small town and when folks fell on hard times the community always stepped up and helped them out. That’s what it means to be a progressive—we look out for each other and believe that everyone should have a shot at the American Dream. [...]

Become a Strategic Advisor

Here at, we are creating a strategic advisory team to help take the organization to the next level. We're looking for seven rural organizers from a diverse set of backgrounds to help make critical decisions and shape the future of our work. [...]

The State of Rural America

The results of our 2017 survey are in, and the data provides a clear path forward for our work together. In February of 2017, we conducted a quantitative survey analysis of over 615 progressive rural activists from all 50 states. The goal of the study was to understand what rural organizers learned from the outcome of the 2016 election. [...]