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The Border is a Rural Issue

Trump's border wall isn't just a political stunt. It's an unreasonable federal government seizure of private property that will hurt rural property owners along the US/Mexico border for years to come. Less than one-third of the needed land for Trump's border wall is currently owned by the federal government. The rest — as much as 1,300 miles — is held by private owners, Native American tribes and state governments. [...]

Flyover Folk Episode 16: North Dakota Voter Suppression with Dr. Hannah Walker

Dr. Hannah Walker is an assistant professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice at Rutgers University. She recently co-authored an expert report with Dr. Matt Barreto, Dr. Gabe Sanchez and Janelle Johnson which was submitted to the federal court in the case Brakebill at al. v Jaeger. The report demonstrates that North Dakota's new voter ID law makes it harder for some citizens—specifically Native American citizens—to exercise their right to vote. [...]

Flyover Folk Episode 15: The Politics of Nashville with Will Hoge

Will Hoge is a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter born and raised in Tennessee. His latest album, My American Dream, takes on border police, political corruption, anti-intellectualism, poverty and the NRA. On this episode, we talk about the politics of Nashville and identity in the new South. [...]

Send a Letter to Congress | Don't Mess With SNAP!

I grew up in a small town and when folks fell on hard times the community always stepped up and helped them out. That’s what it means to be a progressive—we look out for each other and believe that everyone should have a shot at the American Dream. [...]