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New Poll Of Rural Americans: President Trump Did Not Adequately Prepare For Coronavirus Pandemic

New nationwide polling  suggests that rural Americans don’t think President Donald Trump adequately prepared for the coronavirus outbreak. The poll, commissioned by, was conducted by Change Research on March 26-29th. While approval of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak largely falls on partisan lines, the poll of registered voters also documents widespread concerns regarding Trump’s pandemic response that transcends partisan politics and geography. [...]

Rural America Needs Bold, Decisive Leadership Now

Rural America needs bold and immediate action to weather the humanitarian and economic crisis sparked by COVID-19. Rural people -- whether they are white, Black, brown, or indigenous -- are poorer, older, and experience higher rates of key risk factors when compared to the nation as a whole. This combined with diminished social safety nets, strained healthcare systems, and crumbling infrastructure means that rural communities will be shocked by the force of this pandemic—whatever the timing and geographic distribution of cases. While a historic crisis looms, rural America is still struggling to recover from the Great Recession, which hit rural communities harder, earlier, and longer than urban areas, and still lags behind in employment, child poverty, and life expectancy.  [...]

Organizer Toolkit: Leveraging Yard Signs In Rural Communities

This toolkit s is a blueprint for a campaign that uses yard signs to engage rural progressive base voters, and help grassroots organizers identify the most vocal supporters in rural communities for issue-based or electoral campaigns. This toolkit was created based on our field experiment organizing in 45 rural Kentucky precincts during the 2019 governor's race. Even though many of the organizations in our network run campaigns on a smaller scale with smaller budgets, with this toolkit, we’ll show you how to integrate our findings and ideas from our 2019 campaign to fit your needs. [...]

Trump’s Education Cuts Are Cruel and  Inept

Columbus, OH— is demanding that President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos immediately reverse their decision to alter eligibility requirements for the Rural and Low-Income School Program in light of