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Take Action Now And Help Fight Income Inequality in Rural America

Right now, through the Biden Jobs Plan, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fight income inequality and grow prosperity in small towns and rural communities. But unless there is broad support for these development programs, there is a real possibility that they’ll be cut during negotiations with Republicans. [...]

Read Our 2021 Legislative Agenda

We believe that the small town way of life is worth fighting for and that no one should have to choose between leaving their hometown and providing their family with opportunity, healthcare, and financial security.  But for too long, Wall Street monopolies have rigged the economy and structural i


While Republicans Continue to Prioritize Wall Street, Democratic Lawmakers Must Stand Up for Main Streets in Rural America and Pass The American Jobs Plan

Rural voters are tired of the endless stream of broken promises on infrastructure. The past administration turned it into a running joke. But, it was never funny. Not only do the vast majority of American voters support The American Jobs Plan but a clear majority think ambitious proposals like this should be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. [...]