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Our Work Was Just Featured on All Things Considered on NPR

For the last four years, our team at has been writing the winning playbook to cut Republican margins in small towns and rural communities. This NPR story proves that our work is starting to break through. Rural voters have a massive impact on the Senate and Supreme Court. In about 20 years, half the U.S. population will live in eight states. That’s why Republicans have focused on consolidating votes in red states and rural areas. [...]

ICYMI: NPR: “Democrats Made Midterm Gains In Rural Areas. Can They Keep Them?”

“Strong performances in states like Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington showed Democrats can sustain and win over rural areas, where Republicans have generally done well. Even in places like North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado, Democrats proved to be competitive, running up margins of past elections and flipping some districts, even if they did not always win. [...]