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Conducting a Local Progress Report

This resource is intended to help rural organizers and civic leaders understand how to use Drop-off/Pick-up community surveys for building progressive civic infrastructure in small towns and rural communities.


Running Campaigns in Rural Communities compiled this resource to ensure progressive civic leaders have access to the latest public opinion research and field best practices for engaging voters in small towns and rural communities.


Resource: Progressive Strategies For Rural Engagement

How do progressives win again in rural communities? Why have we struggled to break through? What does it look like to meaningfully engage rural voters and gain support for our candidates? In this report, provides findings, insights, and recommendations for progressives working to rebuild power outside major metropolitan areas. [...]

Resource: Fighting Misinformation In Small Towns and Rural Communities

Looking to fight social media misinformation in your community? recently released a community resource just for you! Starting on May 30, 2020, the network began hearing the same rumor mentioning out-of-town “antifa” rioters bussing into various regions across the country. This guide was written with the help of dozens of leaders from across the country in response to those rumors. [...]

Community Crisis Response Planning and Crisis Communications is working to provide toolkits and resources for agricultural community leaders responding to crisis situations, like COVID outbreaks. This is a brief overview of crisis response planning and crisis communications response strategies for organizational and community leaders. [...]